About Satanic Ordination

The Satanic Temple launched the Satanic Ministry Ordination program in 2020 as a way to recognize qualified members who have demonstrated a deep and passionate understanding of the beliefs, values and goals of our church and a connection to our community.

We then launched the Non-Ordination (Coursework Only) program in 2021 for our members who are either not eligible for or not interested in becoming ordained ministers. This program allow members to take the coursework and achieve a Certificate of Satanic Scholarship, while not having all of the strict requirements that must be satisfied by our ordained ministers.

Ordained Ministers of Satan are granted the ability to perform a wide range of ministerial functions on behalf of The Satanic Temple; however, becoming an ordained Minister of Satan also represents a promise to uphold the responsibilities and adhere to the limitations provided by our church and our community.

We require our ordained ministers to embody the following four principles.

  • A commitment to developing a personal Satanic philosophy.

  • A promise to model the Seven Tenets in thought and action.

  • A dedication to the well-being of our community.

  • A dedication to lifelong learning and self-development.

Further Reading:

  • Ordination Standards

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    Our new and improved FAQ portal has answers to most commonly-asked questions pertaining to The Satanic Temple Ministry, ordination, and our online training programs.

  • Code of Conduct

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  • Program Eligibility

    This document provides details about the costs, eligibility, and requirements for our ordination and non-ordination (coursework only) programs.