About Satanic Ministry

The Satanic Temple launched its ministry program in 2020 as a way to recognize qualified members who have demonstrated a deep and passionate understanding of the beliefs, values and goals of our church and a connection to our community. In the short time since our Satanic Ministry began, it has brought our religious community together and given rise to a number of projects and services that benefit members of The Satanic Temple and the many communities that our ministers belong to and care about.

  • The Ordination Program is the training program our members go through in order to become ordained Ministers of Satan. Registration is only available by recommendation from an ordained member of leadership in The Satanic Temple.

  • The Satanic Scholar Program is our non-ordination educational program that is open to all of our members. This online course lets you go through lessons from the ordination program to earn your Satanic Scholar Certificate.

  • Weekly Religious Services are open to the general public. At each service, one of our ministers leads a discussion on a topic related to Satanic values, beliefs, and activities.

  • The Minister Supplies Store sells exclusive products such as minister ID cards, ritual certificates, legal documentation, and other supplies that are available only for our ordained ministers. It is also sells Certificates of Satanic Scholarship for graduates of the non-ordination coursework.

  • Our FAQ platform is a great resource with answers to questions about becoming ordained, minister services, Satanic rituals, how to get involved in congregations and campaigns, and how to contact the right people and groups to get answers to your more detailed questions.

  • The SAMAEL catalog will be launching soon: a comprehensive online catalog of recommended readings, ebooks and journal articles on Satanism and Satanic philosophy, Satanic ritual scripts, TST archival documents, and more.

Further Reading:

  • Ordination Standards

    This document is a detailed description of the requirements for becoming ordained and maintaining active status as an ordained Minister of Satan with The Satanic Temple.

  • Code of Conduct

    This document outlines the standards of conduct expected of any member of The Satanic Temple, and required of ordained Ministers.

  • Program Eligibility

    This document provides details about the costs, eligibility, and requirements for our ordination and non-ordination (coursework only) programs.

  • Legal Statements

    This document is a central source where you can find key legal statements for the Satanic Ministry website, including our Terms of Service, Privacy Statement, and Copyright Notices.

  • Contact Information

    If you need help and have already searched the FAQ platform and read all of the documents, this page will help you find the right person or group to reach out to.