You can use the forms and email addresses below to get help if you have a problem that needs to be solved.  Each entry below is listed with some examples of the types of problems they can help with.

If you have a question, rather than a problem, please search the Satanic Ministry FAQ before you send any emails. The FAQ platform is an extensive searchable database with answers for ministers, candidates, members of TST, and the general public. It is very important that you check that platform to see if it has an answer to your question before you reach out using any of the contact forms or email addresses below.

  • Ordination Council
    problems purchasing or accessing coursework; problems accessing online ministry resources; delays, damage, or other problems with orders from the Minister Supplies Store.

  • Minister Request Form
    find a Minister of Satan to officiate your wedding or lead a ceremony for an event

  • Recognition and Onboarding Committee
    apply to start a new congregation.

  • TST Shop Form
    delays, damage, or other problems with orders from the main TST store.

  • Suryan Council
    complaints about minister code of conduct violations and other misconduct complaints.

  • General Contact Form
    general help for a matter related to TST not covered by other options.