Program Eligibility

Becoming ordained as a Minister of Satan is an advanced step that should not be entered into lightly. It requires both a history of participation in our community and a commitment to maintaining that connection in the future. If you have just recently joined The Satanic Temple, it is probably too soon for you be thinking about ordination. Becoming ordained is not a way to "get started" in Satanism; rather, it is a way for our active members to take the next step in their journey as part of our community.

If you have ended up on this page because you are a new member and are eager to learn more about Satanism and The Satanic Temple, then we have a different option for you: our Non-Ordination (Coursework Only) program. Completing the non-ordination version of the program does not make you an ordained Minister of Satan; however, it does allow you to go through the ordination lessons and receive an in-depth education about the history and philosophy of Satanism and The Satanic Temple. (Think of it like "auditing" a class at a university without being a full-time student.)

What should I choose?

  • Ordination Candidate ($149)


    ✓ must be a Satanist
    ✓ must be a member of TST
    ✓ follow the Code of Conduct
    ✓ criminal background check
    ✓ leadership approval letter

    Successful completion means:

    ✓ will be a Satanic Minister
    ✓ may create official TST rituals
    ✓ access to Minister Supplies Store
    ✓ access to the Ritual Archive
    ✓ access to exclusive activities
  • Non-Ordination Student ($99)


    ✓ must be a Satanist
    ✓ must be a member of TST
    ✓ follow the Code of Conduct
    ✗ no background check
    ✗ no approval letter needed

    Successful completion means:

    ✗ will not be a Satanic minister
    ✗ may not create official TST rituals
    ✗ no access to the Minister Store
    ✗ no access to the Ritual Archive
    ✗ no access to other activities
    ✓ digital course completion certificate
* If you register either as an Ordination Candidate or a Non-Ordination Student and you do not complete the program, you are unable to meet the requirements, or it is discovered that you do not meet the prerequisites to qualify for the program,  your access to the program will be revoked and your registration fee will not be refunded.

How do I register?

  • Registration as an ordination candidate is available by invitation only. Talk to an ordained minister who knows you personally to find out how to get an invitation.

  • Registration as a non-ordination student is open to all members of The Satanic Temple. You can sign up on the Non-Ordination (Coursework Only) page.

  • Graduates of the Non-Ordination (Coursework Only) program who become eligible for the full ordination program within twelve months of passing their final exam will be allowed to register for ordination as an upgrade. This means they will only have to pay the difference in registration fees ($50) to register and will only need to complete the non-coursework requirements to become ordained.

Still not sure what to do?

Here are some questions to help you decide what the best "fit" might be for you in our program.

Q:   Are you a Satanist and a member of The Satanic Temple?

NO:      Both of our programs are only available to Satanists and members of The Satanic Temple. If you want to become ordained for some purely functional reason (e.g. you want to officiate the wedding of a friend) you should pursue ordination through some other organization.

YES:      Next question...

Q:   Do you participate in any TST groups?

NO:      Register for the Non-Ordination (Coursework Only) program to learn more about The Satanic Temple, and then get involved: reach out to a nearby congregation and ask if they are accepting new members; contact an active campaign to see if they need volunteers; you may even want to explore starting a new congregation in your area.

YES:      Next question...

Q:   Have you worked closely with any of our ordained ministers?

NO:      Register for the Non-Ordination (Coursework Only) program to get started on the coursework. Then, talk to a member of leadership in a community you are involved in (e.g. a Congregation Head or a Campaign Director) and ask how you can become involved.

YES:      Tell them you are interested in registering for ordination. If they agree that you are ready, they will request the Ordination Council to send you a private registration link to sign up for the program. If they do not think you are ready, they may recommend ways for you to be more active or involved. If they do not think you are a good fit for our ministry, they may recommend that you simply register for the Non-Ordination (Coursework Only) program for now.

The Satanic Temple is a large and rapidly growing organization, so if you are not able to immediately reach a congregation near you then please be patient! If you are not sure how to reach a congregation near you, you can also explore other ways to meet other Satanists and ordained Ministers of Satan. Check out The Satanic Temple's FAQ for more information.