Program Status

Stages for the Phased Launch of the Ordination Program

The Satanic Temple Ministry Ordination Program is being rolled out using a multi-phase "soft launch" approach. This means we will be offering it in stages to different groups, expanding the candidate pool each time. Each stage gives us an opportunity to get feedback that will allow us to refine and improve the program before it is released to our general membership.

Currently the program is in the Leadership Testing phase. The next phase will be Congregation Testing.

  • Leadership

    The program is currently being offered to International Council, Campaign Directors, and Congregation Leadership so they can catch potential issues and provide feedback and recommendations.

  • Congregation

    Next, the program will be offered to members of our official congregations, through sponsorship by their Congregation Leaders. This will be the first test of a large wave of candidates.

  • General

    Finally, the program will open up for general registration. Candidates at this stage will know they are embarking on a tried and tested path toward their ordination in The Satanic Temple Ministry.

We will not set deadlines at this time.

These are "testing" phases: the duration of each phase will depend on how the tests go. Programs like this have a lot of "moving parts" to consider. Is the program accessible for our members who need specific accommodations for vision or hearing? Do our accessibility features work on all devices and browsers? Are the assessment questions too hard or too easy? Is the time allowed to complete the program realistic? And most critically: what did we miss because we didn't even know to ask?

We know you are eager for the rollout! We are excited as well.  If you are a member of a congregation, talk to your congregation leadership to find out their plans and how they will approach the Congregation Testing phase.  If you are not a member of a congregation, find out where the nearest official congregation or "friends-of group" is, and explore whether becoming a member is right for you.