Ordination Update Videos

This is a series of informal update videos created by Penemue, the Director of Ministry at The Satanic Temple, to answer questions and give people updates in the lead up to the launch of the ordination program in 2020. This video series is being developed in parallel with a corresponding Frequently Asked Questions page that shares all of the same information and answers the same questions discussed in these videos, but in a standardized text format that is easy for browsing, searching, and quick reference.

These videos are here as a convenient way for our most interested members to find out early information, ask questions and engage with the process while we are finishing the program development. These are not the sole or authoritative source of information about the program. When we are closer to the launch of the program, we will release a "TST Ordination Standards" document as the single authoritative source of information about the program and the rights and responsibilities of our ordained ministers.

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