SAOP Overview

Satanic Agenda Opportunity Program

The purpose of the Satanic Agenda Opportunity Program (SAOP) is to ensure that the ordination program of The Satanic Temple Ministry can be maintained as a common baseline requirement for all leadership positions without that requirement creating an undue financial burden or excluding otherwise talented and interested people from the roles where they can best contribute.

The Satanic Agenda Opportunity Program is currently piloting two programs. We are always looking for ideas to expand and explore new ways to provide opportunities for our members. If you have questions or ideas about SAOP, please contact the Ordination Council to let us know!

  • SAOP Leadership Fund

    The SAOP Leadership Fund is designed to remove barriers for qualified members who have been selected by their community to serve as Congregation Leadership or Regional Representatives.


  • SAOP Self-Financing

    SAOP Self-Financing allows you to start contributing now in small monthly payments so that the funds are available for you to register as a candidate when you are ready to sign up.