Welcome to The Satanic Temple Ministry's online ordination and coursework platform. This is where you can find out the prerequisites and requirements for becoming ordained by The Satanic Temple. We also offer our non-ordination track coursework for those who are not eligible to be ordained. If you have more general questions about our ministry, not directly related to ordination or coursework, you can find links to more Satanic Ministry resources at the Satanic Ministry Hub.

Choose your learning path:

  • Become a
    Minister of Satan

    Enrollment: $149

    ✓ must be a Satanist
    ✓ must be a member of TST
    ✓ sign the Code of Conduct
    ✓ sign the Minister Conduct Agreement
    ✓ sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement
    ✓ criminal background check
    ✓ leadership approval letter

    Successful completion means:
    ✓ will be a Satanic Minister
    ✓ may create official TST rituals
    ✓ access to Minister Supplies Store
    ✓ access to the Ritual Archive
    ✓ access to exclusive activities
    ✓ Ordination Certificate and ID

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  • Become a
    Satanic Scholar

    Enrollment: $99

    ✓ must be a Satanist
    ✓ must be a member of TST
    ✓ follow the Code of Conduct
    ✗ no Minister Conduct Agreement
    ✗ no Non-Disclosure Agreement
    ✗ no background check
    ✗ no leadership approval letter

    Successful completion means:
    ✗ will not be a Satanic minister
    ✗ may not create official TST rituals
    ✗ no access to the Minister Store
    ✗ no access to the Ritual Archive
    ✗ no access to other activities
    ✓ Certificate of Satanic Scholarship

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Top 3 Ordination Questions

(visit our Ordination Help Center to search our comprehensive knowledge base)

Looking for a minister?

Here are some additional resources if you are looking for the services of a Minister of Satan.
  • Find your local congregation: You can use the contact information for the nearest congregation to reach out and ask if they have any ministers who are available for ceremonies. Include as much detail as you can about the ceremony you want when you reach out to the congregation, or you will be less likely to get a response.

  • Salem Art Gallery: The headquarters of The Satanic Temple in Salem, MA, is comprised of an art gallery, several rooms of oddities and information pertaining to Satanism and the Satanic panic, and a large event space that you can rent as a venue for events. If you are willing to travel, and would like your wedding or other ceremony to take place in this gorgeous and significant venue, reach out to the Salem Art Gallery to see what is available.

  • Attend Satanic Services: The Satanic Temple Ministry holds online religious services twice every week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. This is a perfect way to hear our ministers discuss important religious topics, and to interact with other members of our community.